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Fishing Resources

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing is the world’s largest fishing tackle company, with headquarters in Spirit Lake, Iowa. …

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NJ Saltwater Fisherman 

NJ Saltwater Fisherman is a website that provides information about saltwater fishing in New Jersey.…

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Passport to LBI

Passport to LBI is an alliance of nonprofit organizations with a mission to encourage people of all …

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Canyon Reels

Canyon Reels is a company that produces fishing reels. Their reels are built for extreme performance…

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New Jersey Maritime Museum

The New Jersey Maritime Museum is located in Beach Haven on the southern end of Long Beach Island. I…

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OceanGrafix is a company that provides the most accurate, up-to-date nautical paper charts for NOAA,…

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Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club

The Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club is located in Beach Haven, NJ. It is a non-profit organizatio…

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Barry’s Do Me a Flavor

Barry’s is a family-style restaurant located in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ. They offer a var…

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Resource Links

Beach Haven Tides: provides tide information for Beach Haven, NJ, including the high and low tide times, the tide height, and the tide chart for the next seven days.

National Weather Service Offices: the official website of the National Weather Service, where you can find weather forecasts, warnings, observations, and climate information for various locations in the United States.

NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife: website of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, which is responsible for managing and protecting the state’s fish and wildlife resources. You can find information about fishing and hunting regulations, licenses, permits, education programs, wildlife management areas, and more.

Online Tuna Permits: apply for or renew your Atlantic tuna permit online. You need this permit if you want to fish for bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, albacore tuna, or skipjack tuna in the Atlantic Ocean.

Jersey Coast Anglers Association: website of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association, which is a non-profit organization of recreational fishermen who advocate for the rights and interests of saltwater anglers. You can find news, events, tournaments, membership information, and more on their website.

National Coalition for Marine Conservation: website of the National Coalition for Marine Conservation, which is a non-governmental organization that works to conserve ocean fish populations and marine ecosystems. You can learn about their campaigns, issues, publications, and how to get involved on their website.

NOAA Weather Forecasts for Areas Off NJ: weather forecasts for offshore waters off New Jersey from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). You can see the wind speed and direction, wave height and period, visibility, precipitation, and more for different zones and time periods.

Rutgers Univ Coastal Ocean Observation Lab: website of the Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (RU COOL), which is a research center that studies ocean processes using various technologies and data sources. You can explore their projects, products, education programs, and more on their website.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab – Remote Ocean Sensing Group: Remote Ocean Sensing Group]: This link directs you to the website of the Remote Ocean Sensing Group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL), which is a group of scientists and engineers who develop and apply remote sensing techniques to study ocean phenomena. You can find information about their research areas, publications, facilities, and more on their website.

Stevens Institute Maritime Systems: website of the Maritime Systems group at the Stevens Institute of Technology, which is a group of researchers who focus on maritime engineering and science. You can find information about their research topics, projects, facilities, publications, and more on their website.

U.S. Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners – 5th USCG District: the latest local notice to mariners issued by the U.S. Coast Guard for the 5th District, which covers New Jersey and other states along the Atlantic coast. The notice contains important information about changes or hazards affecting navigation in these waters. This link takes you to the website of Take Me Fishing, which is a national campaign that promotes fishing and boating as fun and relaxing activities. You can find tips, guides, places, events, licenses, gear, and more on their website.

Knot Tying Instruction: shows you how to tie various knots that are useful for fishing and boating. You can see step-by-step instructions with illustrations and videos for each knot.

Latitude Longitude Distance Calculator:  allows you to calculate the distance between two points given their latitude and longitude coordinates. You can also convert between different units of measurement.