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August 16 Association Report

Some recent offshore storms have been producing severe enough weather conditions to keep the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association at the dock for a few days. Right up to the storm, the inshore fluke and sea bass action along with ocean tuna fishing had been top shelf.

Prior to the ocean upheaval, the crew of the “Star Fish” was continuing to find non-stop action on many of the inshore wrecks. Included in their catches were fluke, black sea bass, and sea robins. Some nice seabass and fluke have been making their way into the coolers for fish dinners.

Captain Brett Taylor recent had return client Mike Buckley and his buddy Craig Cmodak on a 4-hour bay trip with “Real Reaction Sportfishing.” After starting with tog, with Tog for an hour playing catch and release along the inlet, they switched over to fluke. However, some severe storms forced an early end to the trip.  but had to seek safe harbor as storms developed just west of us. With more storms in the forecast. Captain Brett also had new client Jesse Sipe and return angler Sean Schiverea on a bay charter. They hit some Tog off the inlet in very foggy conditions and then switched over to fluke, resulting in 3 nice keepers.

BHCFA President, Captain John Lewis, recently gave an update on the Association’s artificial replenishment efforts at the Little Egg Reef site. The ships that are to be placed on the reef have been prepared and are ready to be deployed. The actual placement on the reef has been delayed while the US Coast Guard gives its final approval.

Every item that is placed on an artificial reef must be inspected by the Coast Guard to be sure there are no pollutants present. Captain Lewis was previously told there was a delay in the Coast Guard inspection, perhaps because of the Corona Virus.

According to Pete Clark, the New Jersey Artificial Reef Coordinator, the Coast Guard went to Norfolk, where the vessels are currently located. They did one inspection and then had to temporarily stop because of other duties.  It is hoped the inspections will resume and the deployment begun in the near future.