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August 12 Reef Deployment

Captain John Lewis, Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association president has announced there will be another reef replenishment on the Little Egg Reef Site on Friday, August 12. This is the latest deployment in an ongoing project.

The patch reef created by this sinking of 20 concrete reef balls will be named the Captain Carl Sheppard Site to recognize the long-time captain of the “Star Fish.” Sheppard was one of the founding fathers of the BHCFA and is still an active member.

Teenagers in the Association’s Junior Mates Program started the recent deployments to improve the initial construction of area fishing reefs over 25 years ago. Their interest and efforts sparked a grass roots campaign which snowballed into an intensive campaign by the BHCFA.

These efforts attracted the attention of concerned individuals and groups on the local and even national levels who have helped provide financial support.

A boat from the New Jersey DEP will be transporting the 20 reef balls to the reef somewhere between 8-10 in the morning. Once the materials are placed on the ocean floor, marine growth will occur on the sunken materials, providing recreational fishing activities for years to come.

Detailed information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association and its Junior Mates Program can be found at