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Association Report May 9, 2020

Current New Jersey state regulations have caused a suspension of charter boat fishing in New Jersey, but that does not mean the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been sitting home doing nothing.

Most of the boats of the Association have been outfitted with upgrades and are either in the water or just ready to launch. Captain Ray Lopez reports he just launched the “Miss Liane” this past weekend.

The captains have been discussing how they plan to conduct social distancing on their boats and maintain strictly clean conditions for the protection of both anglers and crew members. Although current rules call for the captains to only fish alone or with immediate family members, some have been out on the water and catching fish.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” has been out with his young son Luke and wife Jennifer and putting quite a few fish dinners on the table. Captain Brett did very well wreck fishing for blackfish right up until the spring season ended on May 1. Fishing some of his favorite pieces of structure he managed to catch tautog up to 9-pounds. He has also had some action casting to small striped bass. Captain Brett has added a new boat to his fleet, a backwater skiff that will enable him to fish some of the real “skinny” waters.

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” has had his boat in for a few weeks and managed to also catch some of those delicious blackfish with his wife Tracy. According to the story, she out-fished him. He reports also catching some nice black sea bass on structure which had to be released as they are not yet in season. In addition, Captain Gary tried the Great Bay area for stripers and reports catching and releasing several undersized fish.

Based on the experiences of these captains, it appears the 2020 fishing season holds unusual promise when the approval to fish becomes official.

Just exactly when the all clear signal will come from the state, the boats of the BHCFA plan to be ready. Up to date information on the situation can be obtained by contacting any of the individual captains.