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Association Report May 18

There are a couple of items of importance involving the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The first is the approval given by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for charter boats to resume operation once again.

This approval is predicated on certain procedures that must be followed on the boats. There is a strict protocol which calls for social distancing and regular cleaning of materials and surfaces. The captains of the BHCFA have been preparing for this and have set up their procedures. In most instances, these procedures go beyond the state requirements.

BHCFA president John Lewis added that some of the captains will be resuming charters immediately while others will be holding off to a later time. Anglers wishing to fish with captains of the BHCFA should reach out to the individual captains for their status.

In addition, Captain John has announced that the Junior Mates classes have been cancelled for this year. Captain Lewis stated, “Since the New Jersey school system is closed until at least September and due to the difficulties with social distancing, we have decided to cancel the Junior Mate classes for this year.” As a result, junior mates will not be assigned to a boat. 

Youngsters previously in the program who wish to continue are being asked to complete some necessary paperwork from the BHCFA. They will then be able to reach out to individual captains to see if they can work on their boats.

Some of the BHCFA captains have been making trips in the past few days with very positive results. Captain Nick Perello made a trip offshore looking for tilefish. Captain Nick reports they “did very well” and returned with a full fish box of golden tile. Topping the day was a 47-pound beauty.

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” has been doing some exploring in preparation for the opening of the summer flounder season this Friday, May 22. Captain Gary expressed the feeling that things were looking good for some early season success.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction” Sportfishing reports he is ready for some heavy-duty chartering. He made a couple of wreck trips last week with family members and loaded up on some beautiful black sea bass along with one nice pollack.