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2022 Christmas Greetings

As the calendar year 2022 slowly slides away with 2023 on the horizon, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association want to extend holiday greetings to all Their friends as they prepare for a new year with new fishing adventures.

The efforts of the BHCFA are a team effort with a cast of many including captains, mates, support staff, and community members who have stood up to assist in many endeavors.

In addition to serving the interests of the anglers and others who use their services, the BHCFA wore many hats in 2022. The educational opportunities associated with its Junior Mates Program are widely known. A structured summer program provided both fishing instruction and life lessons for young boys and girls.

The efforts to replenish local artificial reefs and improve fishing habitat have proven successful. This ongoing project to raise funds and garner support is expected to provide even more habitat in 2023.

The boats of the BHCFA not only provide successful fishing trips, but also are utilized for sightseeing and other fun trips. These activities have proven to be a boost to tourism in all southern Ocean County.

As we celebrate the holiday season, the members of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association thank those who have helped along the way and look forward to making new friends in 2023