June 14 Captains Report

Unseasonably cool weather continues to keep water temperatures below normal for this time of the year. Despite this, captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are locating fish for their anglers.


Captain Lindsay Fuller had a family from Washington, DC out for a day of fishing on the “June Bug.” One of the anglers was 15 month old Harrison Wadsworth. The young boy was excited to help his dad by holding on to the light spinning rod for short periods and assisting in reeling in fish. Included in the catch that day were several large sand sharks. The fish were filleted and made for a great fish and chips dinner. Young Harrison is looking forward to his next fishing trip.


Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” reports his fishing has slowed a bit thanks to the lack of steady water temperatures. At times there can be close to a 20-degree temperature swing when the cold ocean water comes into the bay. His fluke trips have been averaging 15-30 fish with 1-3 keepers. He has been doing some light tackle fishing around the jetties in Barnegat Inlet for small stripers and feisty bluefish. Captain Brett took his father Michael out Sunday, and they managed to boat over 25 fish in about 2 ½ hours. They took home a 23-incher along with a 19.5-inch fish for dinner. Their lure of choice was the S&S Bigeye.


On Saturday Captain Jimmy Zavacky took the “Reel Determined” and Captain Ray Lopez took the “Miss Liane” to Waretown to volunteer their services for the Project Healing Waters fishing outing sponsored by the Holiday Beach Club. Serving as first mate for Captain Jimmy was Liane Lopez. The boats did well on black sea bass with the “Reel Determined” taking top honors with the largest sea bass.


Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.bhcfa.net.