September 21 Fishing Report

Just because the summer flounder and black sea bass seasons are closed, don’t tell the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association that there are no fish to catch. The current action may call for some different targets along with some different techniques, but there are fish to be had.


Captain Ray Lopez and mate Max Goldman had Mark Senker out for a trolling trip on the “Miss Liane” recently. The action was practically nonstop as over 40 bonito were landed. Most of the fish were released but 16 went into the fish box for dinner.


Captain Gary Dugan reports good fishing aboard his boat the “Irish Jig.” Although many of the fish his group caught had to be released due to regulations, he says it was drop and reel fishing on some huge black sea bass which all had to be let go. However, the group got to take home some big triggerfish, some large porgies, and they caught all the snapper bluefish they wanted.


Captain Fran Verdi who runs the “Francesca Marie” says fishing has not stopped. Currently he is chasing blackfish, triggers, porgies, inshore bonito, and false albacore. He is keeping an eye to the future as he is anxious to see the start of striped bass season.